Residential Lease Application

AlleNorth Properties LLC complies with all Federal and State laws regarding discrimination and does not discriminate based upon age, sex, race, marital status, religion, national origin, or other prohibited classifications. If this application is approved, Tenant must make the security deposit and sign the lease before tenancy begins. The completing of this application by Tenant and the acceptance of this application by AlleNorth Properties LLC creates no obligation of AlleNorth Properties LLC to approve the application.

By submitting this application, you agree that the information disclosed by you herein is true, complete and accurate to the best of your knowledge, and you agree that the information disclosed by you herein is material to Allenorth Properties’ decision with respect to granting or denying your application to enter into a lease.

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Screening Criteria:

1. Rentals are granted to the first person who provides a complete, legible application, and all pertinent information is able to be verified and approved. Completed applications are dated as they are received. If, after a good faith effort, an item on your application is unable to be verified, we will go to the next completed application.

2. The combined total gross income of the applicants must be at least three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent.

3. Your income will be verified and its stability assessed. Income stability is based on no more than two changes of income in the past two years. Applicants can assist the verification process by:

a. Providing a copy of most recent pay stub.

b. Providing the information necessary to contact your employer, and authorizing the employer to verify the amount of income and length of employment.

c. If applicants are self-employed, provide copies of the past two years tax returns. Copies of the 1040, and where appropriate, Schedule B, C or D.

d. If applicant is retired, provide copies of pension statements, social security statements, tax returns, or other supporting documents.

e. If applicants receive public assistance or food stamps (and wish this income to be considered), provide copies of award letters or other supporting documents.

f. If applicant receives alimony or child support (and wish this information to be considered), provide copies of court awards, and bank statements. Both the amount and the dependability will be verified.

4. Only a decided number of people are to live in the unit. The application must state clearly who - names and dates of birth are require – will be living there. The general rule is no more than two people per bedroom in any given unit.

5. Preferably, two of the applicant’s previous landlords, in sequence, will be referenced. This generally refers to the applicant’s current and previous landlord. A minimum of two years rental history is required. Family members are not considered rental references. The applicant must provide the information necessary to contact these references. Applicant’s previous rental history is the most straightforward indication of tenant’s responsibility in the future.

6. A lapse in rental history is cause for denial, unless otherwise verified.

7. Applicants may be asked for a viewing of their current residence. If residences are excessively unkempt, the application may be denied.

8. Applicants will be screened for previous evictions. While some exceptions may be made in rare cases – eviction is cause for denial of the application.

9. Credit, criminal, and court records will be checked.

a. Current use of illegal drugs is reason for denial

b. Conviction for manufacture or sale of controlled substances is reason for denial.

c. Conviction for most felony and misdemeanor crimes against people ond property are reasons for denial.

10. If the applicant’s demeanor during the application process is overly aggressive, confrontational, rude, unprofessional, or un-neighborly, the application may be denied.

11. If the applicant is unable to meet one of the above criteria, consideration of an additional deposit or co-signer may be required.

12. If the applicant is approved for a rental with a pet, the deposit will be increased by a flat fee based on the size of the pet.

13. If the applicant is approved for a rental with a pet, copies of the pet’s license and immunization records will be required.

14. All tenants are to have and maintain renters insurance for the entire tenancy, which is to include a rider for property management to be notified in the event of cancellation of the policy.

15. Tenants are required to have a vacuum.

16. Tenants not having mail delivered to their residence must provide a P.O. Box number.

17. Applicants will be required to show picture ID, which must include a signature. A photocopy will be made to attach to the application.

18. Unsigned and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.


1. Every reasonable attempt will be made to screen the application within 48 hours after being received. The screening process may take longer based on the availability of provided references.

2. If you are not the chosen applicant, you will not be notified. Please feel free to contact us.

3. If the applicant is approved, the deposit must be received within three days of acceptance. A date will then be set to sign the rental agreement, pay the first month’s rent and confirm a move-in date.