Allenorth Property Management

AlleNorth Properties LLC is an Ashland, Oregon based company that specializes in the quality management of single family, multi family and commercial properties. We take pride in our experience and hands on approach in the day-to-day operations required of investment properties. Likewise, satisfied, quality tenants generally equate to more profitable investments.  We offer flexible rate property management packages for our customers.

We are a full service property management company offering customized management plans.  We will thoroughly screen tenants, offer round-the-clock maintenance, periodic inspections, detailed financial statements, bill paying, and homeowner association administration.  Property management plans will be personalized around each customer’s needs and goals.

Our vision is simple:  to provide the customer with the highest possible operating income, and to protect the value of the investment.  Through a conscientious approach with our clients, we seek to build professional relationships with owners as well as tenants. We care about the owner’s property, the tenant’s comfort, and the success of the rental.

AlleNorth Properties LLC strives to exceed the expectations of investors and residents.

We offer:

  • Individual plans
  • Focus on problem prevention
  • Reputable and reasonably priced service people
  • Timely rent collection
  • Comprehensive income and expense reporting
  • Detailed lease agreements